In Situ Science

Ep 97. Mozzie bites and urban sprawl with Cameron Webb

August 15, 2020

Cameron Webb, to put it simply, is the mozzie guy. He has built his career studying the diversity and ecology of mosquitoes and also their interactions with humans and how they can be vectors of significant human diseases. His expertise in mosquitoes requires him to be in one moment a champion for mosquito appreciation and understanding, whilst simultaneously understanding the need to control their populations and their impact on people.

When he’s not out in swamps surveying mosquito populations, you can find him in the lab, or in front of a microphone advocating for responsible urban development and integrated pest management. As cities grow and become greener, we are also faced with the inevitable interactions with wildlife that can occur including our complex relationship with mosquitoes. In this interview we advocate for a new breed of mosquito appreciators, AKA “itchers”, and a balanced appreciation of what ‘living close to nature’ really means.

You can find out more at Cameron’s website here.

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