In Situ Science

Ep 37. Career changes, science buses and Buster the skink with Siobhan Dennison

November 26, 2017


Being a research scientist means surviving in a higly competitive professional environment. Transitioning out of this environment into other career pathways can be a challenging, rewarding and life changing experience. Siobhan Dennison started her career as a conservation genetecist, studying the ecology of skinks in inland Australia. She has now made the decision to move into science education and use her skills in science communcation to share her passion for science with school kids. 

In a candid interview with In Situ Science we chat about Sioban's transition from academia to education and her new job in regional science outreach. We're also interrupted by a large dog with a squeaky toy...

You can follow Siobhan on Twitter @Sib_D or find out more about UNE Discovery on their website.

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