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Ep 89. Tiny gardeners and environmental educators with Matthew McKenzie

November 25, 2019

SPECIAL GUEST: Matthew McKenzie (Thalgarrah EEC)

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Matthew McKenzie is the principal and head teacher of a public school with a difference. Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre is located in the woodlands outside of Armidale in regional NSW. It is part of a network of environmental and zoo education centres across NSW that provide other schools with a base for excursions, camps and experiences focussed on using nature as a learning and teaching resource.

In this interview with In Situ Science Matt talks about the importance of connecting with nature in the classroom and how school students have the opportunity to not just learn about science, but be scientists by taking part in real-world science experiments. We chat about the Tiny Gardeners Project, an upcoming citizen science project where school groups across Australia can participate and learn about how ants are Australia’s ‘tiny gardeners’ planting tree seeds across our vast country.

Find out more about the Tiny Gardeners Project here, and about the Thalgarrah Environmental Education Centre here.


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