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Ep 86. Science puns and stand-up comedy with Benji Kessler

October 13, 2019

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SPECIAL GUEST: Benji Kessler (UC)

Benji Kessler is a man of many talents, he studies the behaviour of spiders, teaches mathematics to school kids, does stand-up comedy and looks great in a Spider-Man costume. Benji is currently visiting Australia from the USA where he is doing his PhD at the University of California. He was nice enough to sit down for a chat to talk about how a severe arachnophobe managed to forge a career in science studying the visual and vibratory signalling behaviours of spiders.

In this interview we talk about how a life spent doing both science and comedy can interact and how sometimes you’re not sure which one you are doing. We discuss whether you can be a stupid scientist, whether you HAVE to be stupid to be a scientist, and how far can you push the limits with putting puns in your research paper titles. At In Situ Science we strongly believe that great discoveries come from the amazing and unique individuals that do research, and Benji Kessler is the perfect example. His sheer passion and joy for what he does makes him a great scientist and one hell of a podcast guest.

Search for Benji Kessler on YouTube to see some of his stand-up comedy or follow him on twitter @BenjiKessler


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