In Situ Science

Ep 83. Life Vs Science 2019

September 2, 2019

Live from the Django Bar         

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In Situ Science returned to the Django Bar to celebrate National Science Week and the Sydney Science Festival. This year we we’re joined by Cameron Webb (USyd and NSW Health), Katherina Petrou (UTS), Fonti Kar (UNSW) and Samuel Bannister (USyd) who shared stories about everything from studying marine algae in Antarctic sea ice, to fishing for komodo dragons with giant genetically engineered mosquitos.

We asked our panel important questions about careers in science such as ‘do you have a plan B’ and ‘whats the weirdest thing you have been bitten by?’ We discovered a range of new scientific terms including ‘bum snorkels’ and ‘Devil’s lettuce’ and once again we tested the wits and wisdom of our panel with a ‘guess that ology’ quiz. Katherina Petrou was named smartest scientist of the night and took home one of our much sought after In Situ Science trophies.

Thanks to the Django Bar for having us back once again and to our amazing Sydney Science Festival Volunteers.

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