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Ep 78. Lizard fights and crafternoons with Fonti Kar

June 23, 2019


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Fonti Kar is a behavioural ecologist from the University of New South Wales. She studies the life history of skinks and how the conditions they are born in can affect their behaviour and development later on in life. In this interview Fonti we dive deep into what it takes to be a productive scientist and the pros and cons of forging out a career in such a competitive field.

And, as always, it seems that the answer involves regular crafternoons. Your productivity as a scientist can have as much to do with the time spent outside of work, as it does your time spent working. Fonti is a passionate baker, gamer, dancer and crafter and has found that making time to escape from the pressures of a high achieving career path are essential for your overall happiness and ultimate success.

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