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Ep 75. Small shelly fossils and paleo tattoos with Marissa Betts

May 12, 2019

SPECIAL GUEST: Marissa Betts (UNE)

Palaeontology isn’t just about Dinosaurs! Marissa Betts is a researcher at the University of New England that studies the evolution of miniscule animals that existed during the Cambrian explosion. During this era animals evolved hard shelled bodies that made them much more likely to fossilise. By looking at these tiny fossils Marissa can investigate how lifeforms on earth have changed over millions of years and how this information can be used to trace the history of the earth itself.

In this interview we chat about everything from paleo-art tattoos to continental drift, magnetic pole shifts, lumpers and splitters, and scientific ‘arranged marriages’. Marissa trots across the globe finding fossils and conducting research across Australia, Asia and Europe. Follow her adventures on her website and check her out on Instagram @200micron

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