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Ep 73. Poetry, Poop and Peron’s Tree Frog with the Dudleys

April 14, 2019

SPECIAL GUESTS: Alexander and Jane Dudley (Faunaverse)

Alexander and Jane Dudley are passionate defenders of the natural world. They have written two poetry books showcasing Australia’s unique animal life. Alexander travels all across Australia as a wildlife surveyor. His passion for animals and poetry has led him, with some firm encouragement from Jane, to compile his poetry together and share it with the world. Jane has been taking things one step further and putting her passion for wildlife into songs. 

In this episode we talk about, well, everything! Topics include wombat poo, house prices and the Coolatai panther. We hear about how the couple met when Jane jumped online to try and identify a frog. We chat about We hear the story of Jane’s struggle with mental illness and how an unconventional and experimental treatment has had some pretty incredible results.  

Get your own Australian wildlife poetry book at the Faunaverse website or follow the team on social media @faunaverse.


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