Ep 45. Wing Threads: Flight to the Tundra with Milly Formby

March 18, 2018

SPECIAL GUEST: Milly Formby (Wing Threads)

To raise awareness for shorebird conservation, zoologist and illustrator Milly Formby has formed an epic plan; she will circumnavigate Australia in a microlight aircraft. This journey is roughly the same length as one of the worlds most important seabird migration routes, the East Asian-Australian Flyway. 

Milly is a multi-talented scientist, artist, and explorer. After beginner her career in visual arts as a tapestry weaver, she made the career transition to become a research scientist. In an interview with In Situ Science, Milly Formby describes the life changing moments that led her to directing her whole life towards the pursuit of this new goal. Find out more about Milly's journey and donate to support her cause at www.wingthreads.com

Also check out Milly's artwork and online store at www.millyformby.com



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