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Ep 42. Curious minds, homeward bound and just wingin’ it with Mary McMillan

February 4, 2018


In hindsight, career pathways seem like they were meticulously planned and pre-destined. The reality is that they are an unpredictable rollercoaster ride grasping at whatever opportunities present themselves along the way. In an interview with In Situ Science Mary McMillan takes us through the twists and turns that lead to her career as a molecular biologist at the University of New England. Now she spends her days teaching biology and researching the biology behind mental health issues. 

2018 is gearing up to be a big year for Mary as she mentors high school students through the Curious Minds program aimed at encouraging more young women to get into STEM fields. Along with all of this she is taking part in the global Homeward Bound leadership program that will see her developing professional skills across the year. This program also culminates in a trip to Antarctica for the award recipients, theres only one catch though… Mary has to fund her own way there!

To support Mary on her journey get in touch with her on Twitter @maryemcmillan or on Instagram @theaccidentalscientist

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