Ep 8. Airborne contraceptives, police ants and mediocre pool shots with Luke Holman

October 5, 2016

Being a zoologist isn't all about spending time in the wilderness catching animals, most days are spent working behind a computer analysing data and interpreting your findings. In this episode we talk to Luke Holmann from the University of Melbourne who crunches the numbers to understand why some animals have evolved to be social.

Also we discuss spots versus stripes as we play one of the worst pool games in history.

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Ep 7. Weevils, weaponry and terrible puns with Chrissie Painting

September 14, 2016
Chrissie Painting from the University of Auckland shows admirable levels of patience when facing an onslaught of terrible weevil puns. She takes us through the science of studying animal weaponry and her journey from being a budding horticulturalist to becoming a hard hitting postdoctoral researcher. 

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Ep 6. Perfumery, persistence and parenthood with Anne Gaskett

August 31, 2016
This week brought to you straight from the conference of the Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour is an interview with Dr Anne Gaskett from the University of Auckland. This one goes deep in to the personal struggles of being a productive research scientist whilst still maintaining a stable life and relationships.

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Ep 5. Banana bread, grasshoppers and the colour of Tuesday with Kate Umbers

August 17, 2016
Dr Kate Umbers chats about how humans and other animals animals perceive colour, all whilst baking an epic 12-banana banana bread. Kate is a zoologist from Western Sydney University with a passion for sharing the wonders of the natural world through research and exploration.

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Ep 4. Debris disks, astronauts and STEMpunk with Shane Hengst

August 3, 2016
This episode features astrophysicist and science communicator Shane Hengst who shares his passion for science and outreach. Shane manages a hectic schedule being a co-host of the STEMpunk podcast, a member of the UNSW physics outreach team and a PhD student at the University of Southern Queensland. 

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Ep 3. Beetles, beetles, more beetles and also genitals with Dr Chris Reid

July 20, 2016

In an interview with  in situ Science Chris shares with us the rewards of being an insect collector from discovering new species, to visiting ‘old friends’, to using his knowledge to improve agricultural practices. To find out more about Chris’ research visit the Australian Museum website. 

Special thanks to the Australian Museum Science Festival for help putting together this podcast. 

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Ep 2. Zombie snails, hermaphrodites and the fall of the Berlin Wall with Frank Köhler

June 30, 2016

Frank Köhler from the Australian Museum gives James O'Hanlon advice on love darts and comparing slugs to snails. Music - www.bensound.com

Ep 1. Great tits, ivory towers, and masquerade with Hannah Rowland

June 30, 2016
Welcome to the first episode of in situ Science! James O'Hanlon chats with behavioural ecologist Hannah Rowland about everything from twitching to podcasting. Music: www.bensound.com